Radical Creative is a high-energy marketing & design agency.

The Request:

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    Help us get meetings with our ideal clients
  • icon-attract-customers
    Create consistency in our lead flow
  • vf-icon-brand-identity-sq
    Create an experience that will wow our prospects

Strategy Workshop:

We conducted a TARGETSHRINK™ with
the Radical Creative team.



We helped the Radical Creative team identify a list of dream clients they wanted meetings with & shape how they wanted to be talked about.

  • vf-icon-quality-control-sq
    Simplified service categories
  • vf-icon-extreme-accuracy-sq
    Unique client segments & industry specializations
  • vf-icon-brand-identity-sq
    Easily identifiable problems they solve
  • vf-icon-precision-engineering-sq
    An offer to create urgency for their prospects

Outrreach Blueprint:

Through the OUTREACH ENGAGE™ program, Venture Formations handled all of the logistical work of sending beautiful client outreach boxes with a personalized gift & handwritten card.


The Result:

Radical Creative's prospects were thrilled with the experience! Jay was able to secure meetings with 40% of the prospects we reached out to.

Radical Creative

Ready to create your own outreach campaign?

We are very picky about who we sign as clients at Venture Formations.

We will only sign on clients who we are certain will see results & a positive ROI from our service.

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