Hey Meredith,
first watch the video above,
then look at the page below for more details.

I want to help you
reach your dream clients!


Cutting through the noise & getting the attention of your dream clients can be a challenge!

At Venture Formations, we help B2B service firms find, engage & win
their dream clients through strategic outbound gifting.


How do we know this works?
Because you're one of our dream clients and we got your attention!

Our process

Step 1.


We help you build your dream client list by analyzing the characteristics of your top clients.

Step 2.

Outreach engage™

Our team handles the logistics of sending eye-catching personalized gifts including handwritten notes.

Step 3.

Lead handoff

Your ideal prospects are directed through a framework just like this that creates a warm introduction & scheduled meeting.


Interested in
learning more?


Let's set up a time for a short call. You can book a call at https://calendly.com/venturejakef/30