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The 3 most common reasons why people don't give referrals

They don’t know what problems you can solve

They don’t know who would be a good fit for you

You didn't ask them for a referral


As business owners, we often overcomplicate explaining what we do to the point that our customers don't know how to refer us.


In order to get referrals, we do not need to train our customers to explain or sell our services. We only need to make it easy for our customers to understand what problems we solve and who might have those problems.

Through targetshrink™

we help you clearly Identify

Who would or would not make a great fit for a referral

What problems you solve for your customers

How to segment your products or services into simple categories

What would motivate someone to refer you

How you can create urgency for a prospect to meet with you

What customer appreciation gifts would resonate with your clients


Includes a 3-hour facilitated workshop and a 3-5 page REFERRAL BLUEPRINT brief.

The facilitated workshop will be conducted via an online video conference. 


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